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Minneapolis funk punk duo Little Lizard wants you to get down to their cold-blooded groove. Brassy and offbeat, multi-instrumentalists Lizz D and Shea Drenkow combine trombone funk and bass punk to create their own style of instrumental music. Minimalist in nature Little Lizard packs a punch with in-your-face melodies and cutting basslines over banging drum machine beats. Diversifying their sound with synthesizers, vocal samples, and theremin Little Lizard will get you moving and make you regret quitting band class in school.

Built on the desire to do something different Little Lizard was formed by Shea Drenkow and Lizz D in 2017. Laying out the blueprint to their brass forward sound on EPs Break a Tooth and My City is Cherry Flavored the duo turned their attention to making Little Lizard a live band. With Lizz D on bass and Shea on trombone and synthesizers the duo solidified their sound on stage while putting together material for their first full-length Premium Vanilla. Released in 2019 Premium Vanilla was recorded in one day in Brooklyn, New York and is a tropical tinged testament to their live sound.

Between tours and regional run outs in support of Premium Vanilla Little Lizard began redefining their sound by adding new instrumentation while writing material for their second LP Earthlings. Inspired by their love for classic Sci-fi and B Horror films Earthlings takes the listener on a funky flying saucer ride complete with dueling synthesizers, metallic 808 beats, and Lizz D on trumpet and theremin. Earthlings is out on cassette and streaming everywhere via Guilt Ridden Pop Records.

Little Lizard is currently playing live in Minneapolis, just released their new album Big Lizard, and will be touring to support the album. Check out Big Lizard and don't forgot to watch the Super Cute and Bigfoot music videos!

spinning lizard

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